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Adoption Events

We have been setting up shop at Tractor Supply in Muncie and Country Critters Vet Clinic in Daleville.  We hope to attend a few Fall adoption events this year as well.  We need volunteers to help handle dogs during these events.  If you would like to come hang out with us and enjoy some pooch petting time, please contact us and let us know!

One of our favorite volunteers, Elizabeth, shows up rain or shine and helps out!

Help Out Some of Our Friends!

Our good friends at Northern Lights Sled Dog Rescue need help at their monthly adoption events held at Petco!  If you love Huskies and would like to help find some wonderful homes for some beautiful dogs, perhaps you’d like to hang out with NLSDR for a day at Petco, and socialize with the pooches and potential adopters!  It would be a HUGE help, and all it costs you is your time!  If you’re interested, please contact Dawn or Julie at:




Are you not in a position to foster a dog, but would still really like to help out with rescue efforts?  Maybe you could volunteer for doggie rescue transports!

There are networks of thousands of people across the U.S. who sign up with transport coordinators like Kelly Gibson or other online avenues to help transport animals a portion of a journey toward homes or rescues that are best able to care for them. These journeys are elaborately mapped out. Between each leg there is time to allow the animals to stretch their legs, potty, meet their next shift of people and get settled into the next vehicle. Sleep overs can either be at the home of the last transporter or at an additional volunteer who puts the animals up for the night. While to some people, this process might seem arduous and unappealing, this trip is actually an amazing touch point for a dog who has never experienced human kindness.

Caleb and Krysha greet Jughead for the first time as he arrives in Indiana after his long journey from California.

Jughead traveled from California with Nico, who made headlines and newscasts with his amazing transformation from broken-spirited pound dog slated for euthanization, to delightfully well-adjusted HSHC foster dog. Nico is now a permanent, cherished member of a Noblesville family.

Volunteers often comment that at the end of their part of a transport, they go home feeling satisfied that they’ve done something that matters!  And they have!  For only a few dollars in gas and a couple hours of their time, volunteers have helped a dog reach it’s new, amazing life!

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Kelly Gibson via her web page at:  http://kellysresqtransports.wordpress.com/    Kelly is always happy to add more people to her contact list!

Nico is living proof that rescue makes a difference, one dog at a time!



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