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About Us

Iron Underdawgs is a dog rescue and advocacy group based in Randolph County, Indiana, and led by Rachel Hawke, Dana Williams, and Krysha MacDonald.  Rachel is a humane officer in Randolph County.  She answers calls from the Sheriff’s Department when they receive reports of abused or neglected animals.  To save these animals from a less than dignified fate at the Randolph County Animal Shelter, Rachel brings them home to her farm and they become “Iron Underdawgs.”  Many of these dogs are perfectly adoptable family dogs, but in some cases they have behavioral or health issues that make them unadoptable, and Rachel gives them a home, shelter, and veterinary care indefinitely.

Iron Underdawgs has a particularly soft spot for pit bulls and bully breeds.  The three of us have a great respect for these often misunderstood and mistreated dogs because we live with them as family members and see how much they add to the quality of our own lives.  We take great satisfaction in helping to get homeless, neglected, and abused Pit Bulls into homes where responsible owners can help them thrive and live as the loyal companions they have the potential to be.

Only 1 in 600 Pit Bulls ever finds a home.  The odds are against us.

We advocate for Pit Bulls and all dogs by fostering when possible, educating people about dogs through one on one conversation and exposure, attending rescue events and fundraisers as an informational vendor, and spreading the word about dogs in need through the use of social media and networking.  We believe that by helping to break down the negative stereotypes associated with Pit Bulls, we can get some wonderful dogs into Pit Bull friendly homes.   In our own small way, we can make a dent in shelter overpopulation and combat animal cruelty and dog fighting.

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