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A Little Long Distance Help for a Friend September 17, 2011

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This little 3 month old puppy was found by my friend Mary on the stoop of an abandoned house in Savannah, Georgia.  She was extremely emaciated and limping on a broken leg.  Mary brought her food and made friends with her (after sustaining a defensive bite wound) and took her to a vet.  The Humane Society in Savannah will not accept strays, only owner surrenders (kind of the opposite of most places) so Mary wanted to establish ownership by getting her vetted and then take her to the shelter.  But she’s in such rough shape that the vet suggested they keep her there for a few days to heal and get a little healthier.  Mary is really in no position to pay for all of this, but just could not leave this girl on that step.

She's very scared, but in good hands!


Baby Savannah is a small, short-haired black mixed breed — probably some lab in there somewhere.  Her fearfulness leads Mary and the vet caring for her to believe she’s been beaten, or at least never shown any kindness.  When Mary went back to the vet to visit her yesterday, as soon as she saw Mary she started wimpering and wagging her tail.  She’s probably the first person with which this dog has made any positive associations.


Mary and Dr. Marlay, the vet at Eastside Veterinary Clinic, are going to try to spread the word and see if someone can take her, but if any of you know of any rescues that might have room for her, please let me know.  We can arrange transport.


Please email me if you have any questions!  I have set up this ChipIn page if you are able to make any small contributions!  It will all add up!!  🙂  http://ironunderdawgs.chipin.com/baby-savannah


Thanks so much!  Please feel free to pass along



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