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An Important Destiny for Julius? February 10, 2011

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A few weeks ago, a friend of mine sent me an instant message, very upset.  Another friend of hers in Fayette County, Ohio was being forced to give up her beloved family dog, Julius, simply because he is a pit bull.  Fayette County has breed specific legislation that names pit bulls as vicious dogs.  Even though Julius hadn’t done anything to anyone, and in fact was an extremely well behaved dog with three other doggie friends, animal control said he had to be surrendered an euthanized unless his owner, Aimee, could arrange to get him out of Fayette County.  Aimee’s entire family was so distraught.  The kids love Julius and didn’t understand why anyone would want to hurt him.

Julius doesn’t deserve to be euthanized!

I happened to have a childhood friend, Danielle, living nearby in another county, and just as a longshot I asked if she’d be willing to take Julius for a few days until we could arrange transportation to an Indiana shelter.  She has two female pitties of her own, and I knew she’d be sympathetic to Aimee’s plight.  Danielle and her husband agreed without hesitation.  But when the day came to transport him, Danielle asked if they could foster him a little longer and try to help find him a permanent home.  He is so well-behaved and loving with their 3 year old daughter, and they didn’t want him to have to stay in a shelter, even temporarily. We are so grateful to Danielle and her family for providing a safe and loving foster environment for Julius– AND FOR ULTIMATELY ADOPTING HIM AS A PERMANENT PART OF THEIR FAMILY!  Thank you, Danielle!

Safe and ready to snuggle!

Then about a week later…. the unthinkable.  Aimee and her family suffered a horrible tragedy —  a housefire that destroyed their home and took the lives of their other three dogs.  This poor family, already saddened by the loss of Julius, now has lost everything.  They are lucky to have an amazing support system of family and friends, and our hearts go out to them.  Please remember them in your prayers.

Aimee’s daughter’s room. Thank God at least none of the human family members were hurt.

As strange as it sounds, is there a reason Julius was spared?  Might he have another purpose in life?  Maybe someday he will alert someone to a fire, or keep another person from harm.  For now, he is available to visit with Aimee and her family to help them thru this difficult time.  He is truly an Iron Underdawg.



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